Curating the most inspirational creative in the one place.
From a young age, I was driven to express by putting pen to paper in the forms of poetry, cards, letters and sketches.

It's my happy place. A place where I totally feel inspired, electric, warm, energised and engaged. 

I've never stopped, I love expressing this way and it provides me with the freedom I desire and the drive to inspire others.

A little later in life I worked alongside my Dad when I wasn't at school in our two shops and markets selling our label "Barrier Reef Clothing", we were the first knitwear provider to supply to Woolworths. The family business was very successful.

It was here I developed two strong passions, a passion to naturally 'Yield Manage', while selling and a passion 'to create' create necklaces.  At the age of fifteen I started making necklaces and selling them for quite chunky prices back then!

Life went by and I fell into the hospitality industry where I still am enjoying the balance of working as a Revenue Analyst two days a week and a mother to two young children.  

Throughout life I played the piano, to have this ability to play and express via music is amazingly incredible.

Every theatre show that came to Melbourne I was  privileged to be at as my Mum worked for the Theatres and now the Performing Arts.

Having children has steered me back to my Creative place, I now create with them for them.

When I was pregnant with my first child I wrote her a book"Dear Violet" and found my passion for writing and poetry again, there were so many magical moments that I needed to express, I was exploding to release them. 

I was also drawn to write again after losing my father to cancer, after this experience I have realised how valuable life is and this drove me to complete all my passions, reach for the stars, never look back.

I'm completely"Taken by Creation", and are lucky enough to now have created a platform where I can curate creatives. 

Welcome to my Canvas, my home base, my creation.